Our Classes


A high intensity class designed to improve cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, power and agility. Expect a thriving and high energy environment that will leave you feeling not only sweaty, but strong and powerful. Clients are encouraged to test their limits, embrace their abilities and marvel in the results. Everybody’s 100% effort is individual, and this is catered for with access to a variety of dumbbell weights ranging from 1kg to 10kg, and the provision of modifications and progression options for each exercise. The whole body will be ignited and adrenaline will be pumping to create that post LB Ignite feeling…that sweet sensation LeBurner’s crave after this challenging class.

Le Barre

A low-impact resistance class designed to improve strength, muscular endurance, mobility and balance. The Le Barre focus is on time under tension and movement technique to maximise the benefits to your body and your mind. This class will utilise a ballet barre and movements derived from traditional ballet to target and invigorate the all important and often forgotten stabiliser muscles, as well as classic major muscle groups. Prepare to energise, move and fuel your body like never before! This class is ideal for everyone… barre novices and barre veterans alike.

Le Blaze

A low-impact and high energy resistance style class designed to improve muscular strength, endurance, mobility and balance. This class incorporates the use of a ballet barre and movements derived from traditional ballet to sculpt, strengthen and energise your muscles. A sprinkling of cardio makes this class ideal for clients looking for a little bit of a sweat and a fire feeling in their muscles that lights up the whole body. No prior experience or dance background required!

Le Sculpt

A low impact, mat based resistance class focused on mind-muscle connection and control, to restore balance, build strength and fuel the body. Balls, bands and light weights will be utilised to maximise the effect of each exercise. Prepare and dare to thrive in the demand of higher repetitions and lower resistance to tone and sculpt your health. Ideal for clients of any fitness level and function.

Le Blend

Can’t decide what kind of class you are in the mood for? Or feeling a bit uncertain about trying something new? 

We’ve got the solution…Le Blend! 

A mash up of all our different class styles compiled into one epic session. 

We will have all your favourite parts of Le Sculpt, Le Barre, Le Blaze and LB Ignite blended together into a 50 minute class so you can get a taste of it all! 

Photo 10-8-2022, 3 10 54 pm-min